How ApyHub APIs are powering DASA’s DevOps Learning Platform

A case study on how a sophisticated B2B Learning Engagement Platform was developed and launched in record time by adopting an API first approach..
How ApyHub APIs are powering DASA’s DevOps Learning Platform
Joshua Daniel
Last updated on February 12, 2024
The CustomerThe ChallengeThe Payoff
DevOps and Agile Skills Association (DASA) develops and promotes best practices to enable adoption of DevOps principles and methods to help organizations and individuals embrace new ways to build and manage software. DASA also provides guidance to support the talent transformation and people readiness that is inherent to such a major evolution.Go-to-market with the DASA Hub - DASA’s proprietary learning platform for learning content discovery and consumption - facing very tight deadlines and some very specific requirements. DASA members eager to start upskilling their workforce.Reduction in development time by 32% and subsequent faster go-to-market.

The Challenge & Solution

The development team responsible for the launch of the DASA platform was facing a challenging and ambitious launch plan, with some very specific requirements.

IP Protection

“A lot of our learning materials are IP protected - so it is crucial that our training content that is distributed through our platform has some form of protection against misuse” says Niels van Rikxoort, Product Owner of the DASA Hub. “We’re using ApyHub’s PDF watermarking utility API to imprint the email address of the learner on all (downloadable) learning assets.

File Conversion

“Some of the learning interventions require learners to upload their work - ApyHub takes care of converting the user generated content into PDF, so that the instructor can review the work directly on the platform - without the hassle of downloading files of all sorts.”

Routine Tasks

“We’re also using ApyHub for some other more routine tasks, like image resizing and compressing for product and course thumbnails. Also, the invoices to the customers are converted from HTML into PDF by an ApyHub service.”

The Payoff

“The biggest obstacle in adopting ApyHub was actually convincing our developers to use it; I think by nature, developers always want to build something themselves. However, after seeing how easy it is to connect to an ApyHub service, all of them acknowledged that this was the right call. It allowed the team to really focus on features and functionalities that would improve the learning experience of the users. Building something of value to a user is always more rewarding than something that runs silently in the back-end”.
“In the end I think it is safe to say that we have saved a lot of time on our development cycles, and as a result could really pay the right amount of attention to improving the user experience - time that would have otherwise been largely consumed in building these facilitating capabilities.
A convenient - but unintended - side effect is that ApyHub also allows us to monitor feature adoption; some services are only used by a single feature, so I can quickly see how much that particular feature has been used through the ApyHub dashboard. We are very eager to explore the recent AI-based utilities that ApyHub have been adding to the catalog recently. We see great potential for our platform here as well”.

About DASA Hub

The DASA Hub is the all-around continuous learning hub for all DevOps skills. It allows employees to access thousands of learning assets based on their current or aspired role.
The platform plays a crucial role in:
  • Eliminating the guesswork in preparing the skill paths for employees
  • Making strides with strategic talent decisions
  • Helping professionals grow in their roles through curated career paths
  • Creating life-long learning opportunities with role-based learning
More about DASA Hub can be found on the DASA website.