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E-commerce Quick Tools
QR Code
This API lets you generate as many QR Codes as required by simply integrating the API with your application
Standard Data
All currently official currencies are easily accessible through this utility service, which provides standardized key-value pairs and some contextual information
Data Validation
Aadhaar Number
Quickly validate any Aadhar Card number with ApyHub's utility API
Data Validation
Email DNS
Validate emails, to see if they are from a valid domain and valid mail server
E-commerce Quick Tools
The Barcode API lets you dynamically generate Barcodes and display them
E-commerce Quick Tools
This API lets you generate a thumbnail image of the specified width and height
Data Validation
The finance validator service lets you to validate IBAN code and if IBAN code is valid then you will also get to see the additional details as listed below in the response structure
File Manipulation
This API lets you resize any image either in png, jpeg or jpg formats
Data Extraction
Fuzzy Text
This API allows you to search through large text data for the presence of specific keywords
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