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Standard Data
The Country Data API lets you dynamically find where your customers access your website from and customize user experiences based on the country
E-commerce Quick Tools
Currency Conversion
This Currency Conversion API allows you to convert currencies from a source currency to a target currency
Data Extraction
Text from Webpage
This API lets you extract the content of a webpage
Data Extraction
Text from Word
This API lets you extract the content of a word document
Data Extraction
Text from PDF
This API lets you extract the contents of a PDF file
Smart Generation
Bar Graph
Generate Bar Graphs using provided JSON data, with this API
Smart Generation
Pie Chart
The pie chart API allows you to generate a pie chart for the provided JSON data
Data Validation
India Postcodes
Use this Postal Code Validator to validate postal code in India
Standard Data
All current officially listed countries are easily accessible through this utility service
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