ApyHub for Startups

Join our Startup program and enjoy a discount on our team or scale plans, all features included.

What will you get as part of our Startup program?

Up to 50% Discount

Dive into our Startup program and enjoy a generous off up to 50% on our team or scale plans for 1 year, all features included and no questions asked!

Personal Support

We're committed to your success! As part of our Startup program, we provide premium support and personalized coaching on setup and architecture.

Benefits of our Startup program

Access to the complete catalog of ApyHub services

Create tokens for any of the services, consume according to your needs. You and your team can keep track of new services (yes we add new ones every month) and monitor how they are being used inside your applications.

Reduce time to build, go to market faster

You can expect a 35-45% efficiency gain simply by leveraging utilities as a service for your next application. This gain takes into consideration the time and effort spent on coding, testing, debugging, optimizing and maintaining each service.

Make your devops folks happy

With standard integrations and a single provider and subscription, your services are more secure and can scale without complexity.

Data security

No need to worry about sending data to several service providers with different data protection policies and regulations.

Pricing Starts at €0

Start out free and level up when you need to with our startup program.

Who Qualifies?

🧘 Any startup - yes ANY. Just complete the form below and we will do the rest.