Extract Text from Webpage

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This Utility API lets you extract the content of a webpage.
This API can help to summarize the main points or key information of a page which in turn can help in understanding the content without reading through the entire page. This API can also help to analyze data, such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, or keyword extraction which can be useful for businesses or researchers who need to analyze large amounts of data from various sources.

API Playground


submit url: extracted data

Request example

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.apyhub.com/extract/text/webpage?url=https://apyhub.com/platform' \
--header 'apy-token: {{token}}'
The method lets you submit a url of a webpage and returns the extracted text as string output.
Method: GET
Content Type: application/json
Query Parameter(s)
urlStringYesA url that is accessible by ApyHub services
Sample Response
"data": "A consequuntur voluptatem ut mollitia voluptatem. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Aut aspernatur quibusdam hic amet quas nam internos consequatur et ipsam repellendus ut galisum obcaecati. In repudiandae ipsa aut dolor asperiores et sint voluptatem aut voluptates quia. Nam numquam enim ut dolorum sunt Et doloremque cum temporibus debitis aut labore delectus et odit tempore in autem odio. Aut impedit fugit ut voluptate rerum sit culpa voluptatem ab galisum perferendis qui dignissimos minima est galisum perferendis et consequatur dolorem. Eum velit Quis ut nobis consequuntur Quo aperiam est fugiat quas ut fugiat dolorem ut voluptatum exercitationem aut quia temporibus. Rem rerum voluptas et quis voluptatum et veniam temporibus et tempore galisum et odit error est animi consequuntur. Et magni deleniti et molestiae corporis eos possimus itaque ut placeat quis hic fuga ratione qui fugiat porro aut praesentium repellat."

HTTP Response Codes

The method may return one of the following HTTP status codes:
Status CodeDescription
200The request was successful.
400Request is invalid or the url is not accessible.
401Required authentication information is either missing or not valid for the resource.
500There was an error in processing this request.


All requests to ApyHub services need to be authenticated, currently we support tokens or basic authentication mechanisms. You can generate and view your existing credentials from workspace settings (on the left side of the navbar) and go to applications.
Points to note:
  • Credential secrets are generated on the fly and are not stored in plain text, so on generating a credential please save the secrets somewhere safe.
  • Use the apy-token as the header parameter to pass the token.
  • Use the Authorization header to send the basic authentication credentials.

Error codes

"error": {
"code": 105,
"message": "Invalid URL"
To search for a specific error code, enter the code in the search box below. Alternatively, you can click on the button to view a complete list of all error codes.