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This Utility API lets you apply filters such as image rotation, brightness adjustments, flipping, or Gaussian blur to enhance the aesthetics of the images of png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, tiff, gif or webp formats.
Image filters can improve the overall quality of an image by reducing noise, sharpening edges, and increasing contrast. This can be used to create artistic effects and alter the mood of an image.
Content creators can apply filters to ensure a professional and polished look. Businesses benefit by ensuring consistency in visual branding and adapting images for various platforms. Graphic designers and photographers find this utility indispensable for quick and precise image adjustments, optimizing their workflow.
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input file: output file

Request example

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.apyhub.com/processor/image/filter/file?output=test-sample&filter=convolution_emboss&preserve_format=true' \
--header 'apy-token: {{token}}' \
--form 'image=@"stock-photo.jpg"'
Method: POST
Content Type: multipart/form-data
Query Parameter(s)
outputStringNoThe name of the output file, defaults to output.png
filterIntegerYesThe filter that you want to apply on the image. The available options are given below
preserve_formatBooleanNoTo preserve the format of the output image file, set it to true. The default is false, which returns a jpeg image.
Available options for filter
rotate_45This will rotate the image by 45°
rotate_90This will rotate the image by 90°
rotate_135This will rotate the image by 135°
rotate_180This will rotate the image by 180°
rotate_225This will rotate the image by 225°
rotate_270This will rotate the image by 270°
rotate_315This will rotate the image by 315°
maximumThis removes negative outlier noise from the image
minimumThis removes positive outlier noise from the image
brightness_decreaseThis decreases the overall brighness of the image
brightness_increaseThis increases the overall brighness of the image
gaussian_blurThis mutes the noise and blur the image
flip_verticalThis flips the image vertically
flip_horizontalThis flips the image horizontally
gamma_0.5This reduces the gamma value to 0.5, images becomes darker with high contrast and low brightness
Request Body
imageFileYesThe source image file in supported formats such as png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, tiff, gif, or webp.
Sample Response
A successful request returns the generated file in the output parameter specified. If the request fails, the response contains an error code and a message to help determine what went wrong.

HTTP Response Codes

The method may return one of the following HTTP status codes:
Status CodeDescription
200The request was successful.
401Required authentication information is either missing or not valid for the resource.
400Invalid input - the image file is corrupt or the filter attribute is not provided.
500If any unexpected error occurs while processing the request.


All API requests to ApyHub services need to be authenticated. Currently we support tokens or basic authentication mechanisms. You can generate and view your existing credentials from your workspace settings (on the left side of the navbar) and go to “API Keys".
Points to note:
  • Credential secrets are generated on the fly and are not stored in plain text, so on generating a credential please save the secrets somewhere safe.
  • Use the apy-token as the header parameter to pass the token.
  • Use the Authorization header to send the basic authentication credentials.

Error codes

"error": {
"code": 105,
"message": "Invalid URL"
To search for a specific error code, enter the code in the search box below. Alternatively, you can click on the button to view a complete list of all error codes.