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Changelog - 01 November 2023 (New APIs and more)

Changelog for the updates released on 1st November, 2023
Changelog - 01 November 2023 (New APIs and more)
Joshua Daniel
Last updated on November 02, 2023
We are excited to share some fixes and updates that will make your experience with ApyHub smoother and more efficient. Here's what we have tackled with this release:
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Convert Currency to Multiple Currencies

  • Our Convert Currency to Multiple Currencies utility API simplifies the process of converting money from one currency to several others. This feature is valuable for businesses operating globally, as it enhances financial control and decision-making. It's designed for convenience, supporting over 155 traditional currencies and popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Although rates are not real-time, they're updated daily, and you can even inquire about historical rates dating back two years. For a complete list of supported currencies and more details, please check the documentation.

SERP Rank Checker

  • Our SERP Rank Checker utility API retrieves Search Engine Results Page (SERP) data from Google, offering valuable insights for digital marketers, SEO experts, and website owners. It provides information on website rankings and relevance.
  • With a simple request, you can access comprehensive SERP data, including both organic and sponsored results, ranking positions, snippets, and more. Whether you're monitoring your website's performance, tracking keyword rankings, or analyzing your competitors, this API delivers the data you need.

Readability Scores Documents

  • Our Readability Scores Documents utility API calculates the readability score of PDF or document files, helping you understand how easy or difficult the text is to comprehend. It's a handy tool for content creators, educators, and researchers.
  • Whether you're developing educational materials, crafting marketing content, or writing research papers, this API allows you to assess the accessibility of your text to various readers.

Enhanced AI Summarization: Increased Token Limit for Improved Summaries enhancement

  • In a significant update, our AI Summarise and AI Summarize Documents utility APIs now boasts a larger input endpoint with a token length of 16,000 tokens or approximately 12,000 words, which is four times more expansive than the previous limit. This enhancement empowers our AI to deliver more comprehensive and insightful summaries, accommodating even lengthier content for your convenience.

Expanded QR Code Generator: Introducing vCard and Wi-Fi Options enhancement

  • With our Generate QR code utility API, users can now create QR codes with added functionalities, including the ability to encode vCard information and Wi-Fi details. This update enhances the versatility and utility of our QR code generator, making it easier than ever to share contact information and Wi-Fi network configurations.

Infrastructure Enhancements for Faster API Response Times enhancement

  • We've made substantial improvements to our infrastructure, resulting in significantly faster API response times. These enhancements ensure that your API requests are handled more efficiently, reducing wait times and improving overall performance.

Enhancements to Sample Code Generator on Our Utility Page enhancement

  • New sample codes have been added for Kotlin, Dart, Rust, Ruby, C# with HttpClient, and Java with HttpClient in the sample code generator on our utility page.

Improved Multipart Form Data Handling in Sample Code Generator bugfix2

  • We've implemented critical fixes and improvements to sample code that deals with multipart form data for various programming languages, including Go, Java with OkHTTP, JavaScript with XHR, JavaScript with Fetch, JavaScript with jQuery, Node.js with Native, Node.js with Fetch, Node.js with Axios, Node.js with Request, PHP, and Python.
  • These enhancements ensure smoother handling of multipart form data, making it easier for developers to work with our utility APIs in their preferred languages.

Special Character Processing Fix in CSV to JSON Utility bugfix2

  • Our Convert CSV to JSON utility API can now process the special and reserved characters as well.
  • This improvement ensures that the utility can handle these characters accurately, providing more robust and reliable CSV to JSON conversion capabilities.

Improved Error Message Handling in Generate iCal Utility bugfix2

  • This fix enhances the Generate iCal utility API's error message handling, making it more robust and user-friendly.
  • With this improvement, you can expect better clarity and guidance when dealing with potential errors, ensuring a smoother experience when generating iCal files.
We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our users, so stay tuned for more improvements and features in the future! Got any questions or ideas? Reach out on discord or through an email at hello@apyhub.com.
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