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Changelog - 13 May 2024 (New APIs and more)

Changelog for the updates released on 13th May, 2024
Changelog - 13 May 2024 (New APIs and more)
Joshua Daniel
Last updated on May 13, 2024
We are excited to share some fixes and updates that will make your experience with ApyHub smoother and more efficient. Here's what we have tackled with this release:

ApyHub as a provider for AI Utility APIs enhancement

This is a significant update to our APIs. With this latest release, users no longer need to manage additional keys from external providers such as Google or Azure in order to consume the AI APIs.
Users can now make requests to our API endpoints using a single ApyHub Authorization token. This change eliminates the need for managing multiple keys from various providers and at the same time streamlines the workflow and enhances security.
In order to try the key, simply visit the API that you are interested in, and in the provider select ApyHub. For more information on how to use the APIs, click here.
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AI Image Landmark ApyHub provider

Better Error Handling enhancement

We have implemented some improvements to error handling across all our AI services. With these enhancements, users can expect:
  1. Improved Reliability: Our AI APIs now provide more robust error detection and reporting mechanisms, ensuring greater reliability and stability during API interactions.
  2. Enhanced Error Messages: We have revamped the error messages to be more informative and actionable, helping users quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues encountered during API usage.

Auto Scaling for Word to PDF APIenhancement

With the implementation of Auto Scaling policies, our API can now handle high traffic volumes, ensuring consistent performance and reliability even during peak usage periods.
By dynamically allocating resources to accommodate fluctuations in usage, we ensure optimal performance for all API requests, delivering faster response times and minimizing latency for users while reducing the risk of service disruptions or downtime.
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Improved File Handling for Image processing APIsenhancement

You can now upload and process larger files to our Image processing APIs without encountering limitations, enabling you to work with high-quality images and multimedia content.
By extending file size handling capabilities, the APIs can now ensure better performance and reliability, allowing you to process even the most resource-intensive image files efficiently and without compromise.
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Proxy Implementation for Image Processing APIsenhancement

With the implementation of a robust proxy solution for our Image processing APIs, our APIs can now handle a wider variety of URLs. This ensures compatibility with diverse web sources and enables you to extract and process images that were previously inaccessible due to server restrictions or security protocols.
That’s all for now!
We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our users, so stay tuned for more improvements and features in the future!
Got any questions or ideas? Reach out on discord or through an email at hello@apyhub.com.