Exploring the world of Software Utility APIs - ApyHub

What are software Utility APIs, why developers like to use them, and all the utility APIs ApyHub offers
Exploring the world of Software Utility APIs - ApyHub
Niels van Rikxoort
Last updated on October 06, 2022

What are Software Utility APIs

Applications need core utilities over and again across various modules. These core utilities are essential across the application and provide complex business capabilities. However, creating a utility from the ground up and maintaining it to meet changing domain and business requirements can take you (as a developer) away from your core business and application goals.
That’s where ‘Software Utility APIs’ come in. They provide lean utility services that deliver all the functionality you need and more, with a simple API call.

Why developers like to use software utility APIs

By using Software Utility APIs, you ensure that your core stack is built up of only those services that are central to your business vision. The applications of the future are completely cloud-hosted and are built on an API-first architecture. This lets you deliver applications that keep up with the demands of users and keep your stack as lean and flexible as possible.

ApyHub: Utility APIs for all your tasks

With ApyHub, a whole range of utilities are only an API call away. We do all the heavy-lifting and processing, all you have to do is plug-in and use the accurate data that we provide. Our utility services are powerful, robust, and provide comprehensive responses that let you be as flexible with the implementation as possible.
So what do our utility API services really help you do? Think for example that you were building a website, and part of it required code that would provide a list of calling codes for all countries. If you were to build this functionality from scratch, you would have to spend time and resources presenting data in the right format, and manually track any and all changes made to calling codes.
A utility API such as ApyHub’s Country Calling Codes can help you automate this process, freeing you up to focus on your applications core capabilities.
Here’s some of the categories of Software Utility APIs we offer at ApyHub, and a short explanation of what they do:
ApyHub Utility API CategoriesDescriptionExample
File Conversion APIsCompress, archive, or convert from one file format to anotherHTML to PDFs, URLs to PDFs, JSON to CSV etc.
File Manipulation APIsManipulate all sort of files to meet the needs of your applicationEncrypt, merge, split PDF files etc.
Data Validation APIs Validate different inputs inside an application, for example phone numbers, business vat numbers, post codes etc.Phone Number validation, IBAN validator
Image Processing APIsCompress images, generate thumbnails, and extract metadataWatermark images, take screenshots etc.
E-commerce APIsSuper category including services that can be used in apps that have a strong ecommerce elementEU VAT rates API, US Sales tax API, generate invoices etc.
Smart Generation APIsAPIs that generate useful functional tools for your applicationWordcloud, QR code generation, iCal, etc
Artificial Intelligence APIsAPIs that can help you to add AI abilities in your applicationAI Summarize, Face Detection, Sentiment Analysis etc
Data Extraction APIsExtract data or elements from various inputsWebscrapers, PDF text extractors, webpage screenshot etc
File Manipulation APIsAPIs for anything web related including urls etc.Extract Audio from Video, Compress Video File, Change Background from Images etc.
Data Visualization APIsAPIs that help you visualize useful data in your applicationPie Chart, Stack Graph, Link Preview etc.
Want to explore ApyHub’s extensive and growing catalog of software utility APIs?
Photo by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash.