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An all-in-one API client for streamlined design, testing, and team collaboration.
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Building great APIs should be easier

But many tools today just make things harder.
There's a better way

A better way to work with and share APIs

Apy Fusion simplifies API development with intuitive tools for design, testing, and management. It promotes team collaboration, making API work efficient for both small and large teams.
Our product is still under active development

API Design & Development

  • Intuitive visual editor
  • API collections
  • Environment variables
  • Efficient debugging tools

API Testing

  • Code previews
  • Automated test creation from specs
  • Visual assertions and response validation
  • CI/CD integration

API Documentation

  • Import collections from Postman
  • AI-assisted documentation generation
  • Custom domain publishing options
  • Easy sharing capabilities

Mock Servers

  • Easy storage and organization
  • All-in-one platform for API lifecycle
  • AI-assisted documentation generation

Team Collaboration

  • Secure workspace for teams
  • Real-time collaboration on APIs
  • Change tracking and notifications
  • Commenting and cooperative work features

Integration and Compatibility

  • Browser extension available for web version
  • Supports OpenAPI, Swagger 2.0, RAML
  • Terminal integration
  • Integrates with various systems and tools

Monitoring and Alerts

  • API health and performance monitoring
  • Integration with alerting systems like Slack, Datadog
  • Cloud-based for swift setup

And more

  • Web app
  • MacOS app
  • Linux app
  • Windows app
  • Dark mode

Frequently asked questions

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More platforms coming soon