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Changelog - 09 February 2024 (New APIs and more)

Changelog for the updates released on 9th February, 2024
Changelog - 09 February 2024 (New APIs and more)
Joshua Daniel
Last updated on February 09, 2024
We have updates on some exciting new AI Utility APIs and our new API Client Apy Fusion.

Apy Fusion

Apy Fusion is a part of the ApyHub Ecosystem. As an all-in-one API Client, it enables software teams to design, build, and test APIs that streamline & accelerate development. fusionImage

Dark Mode

Get ready for the dark side! We have Introduced a Dark Mode for Apy Fusion.

Duplicate Tabs

Duplicate Request Tabs! With a right-click and a swift tap, you can now easily clone your request tabs.

Paste cURL to fill the request

Simply paste your cURL command into the URL box, and watch as our API client automatically populates the fields for you.
Apy Fusion is included in all ApyHub plans for free, even for single users.
To use Apy Fusion please visit: https://apyhub.com/product/fusion (we have an app for Mac available or you can use the Web version + we are currently working for a Windows app)
We have also put together this guide to help you get started.

ApyHub Utility APIs

ApyHub’s AI enabled APIs act as a wrapper, providing a unified interface for a diverse range of AI services. Whether you are working with image recognition, natural language processing, or other cutting-edge AI functionalities, ApyHub has you covered.
You can integrate with these APIs using your own credentials, and let ApyHub handle the rest. Any changes or updates to provider libraries? Consider it taken care of – we ensure your code remains seamlessly compatible.
Please read here for more instructions on how to consume these Utility APIs.
Below are the new APIs:

AI Text Anonymization

  • The AI Text Anonymization Utility API focuses on AI-based Text Anonymization, handling sensitive information in any text.
  • This API can detect, categorize, and redact sensitive information in unstructured text, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and identification details.
  • This API is crucial for privacy compliance, data sharing, and document redaction, providing a streamlined solution to protect sensitive information while maintaining the integrity and usability of the text.
  • Supported Providers: Azure

AI Text Moderation

  • The AI Text Moderation Utility API focuses on AI-based Text Moderation, safeguards content by analyzing textual content against safety attributes like toxicity, violence, and sensitive topics.
  • This API categorizes content into harmful categories such as derogatory language, violent scenarios, sexual references, insults, profanity, and more. Confidence scores provide insights into the likelihood of content belonging to specific categories.
  • This API is essential for maintaining a safe online environment, ensuring that user-generated text adheres to community guidelines and content standards.
  • Supported Providers: Google

AI Text Entity Recognition

  • The AI Text Entity Recognition Utility API focuses on AI-based Entity Recognition, identifying and categorizing entities within textual content.
  • This API can detect known entities, including proper nouns such as public figures and landmarks, as well as common nouns like restaurants and stadiums.
  • This API is essential for information extraction, content analysis, and data structuring, offering a streamlined solution for identifying and categorizing entities within text for improved data organization and analysis.
  • Supported Providers: Google and Azure

AI Text Syntax Analysis

  • The AI Text Syntax Analysis Utility API focuses on AI-based Syntax Analysis, dissecting the text into sentences and tokens (typically words), offering detailed linguistic information about each sentence.
  • This API provides insights into the grammatical structure and dependencies within the given text. Whether understanding sentence structure, analyzing grammatical nuances, or extracting linguistic features, this API offers a comprehensive linguistic analysis.
  • Supported Providers: Google

AI Text Keyword Extraction

  • The AI Text Keyword Extraction Utility API focuses on AI-based Keyword Extraction, identifying the primary concepts in a given textual content.
  • This API can analyze textual content to extract key phrases that encapsulate the core themes and concepts, optimizing content for search engines, categorizing large volumes of text, or enhancing the efficiency of information retrieval.
  • Supported Providers: Azure

AI Text Content Classification

  • The AI Text Content Classification Utility API focuses on AI-based Content Classification, analyzing text and providing accurate categorization in textual content.
  • This API identifies relevant content categories within a document. The API filters and returns the most specific category for precision, enhancing applications in search, data organization, and content recommendations.
  • Supported Providers: Google

AI Text Sentiment Analysis

  • The AI Text Sentiment Analysis Utility API focuses on AI-based Sentiment Analysis, identifying prevailing emotional opinions, classifying them as positive, negative, or neutral within textual content.
  • This API aids in understanding public sentiment towards your brand or topic. By mining text for clues about sentiment and associating them with specific aspects of the content, the Sentiment Analysis API offers valuable insights into how people perceive and react to information.
  • Supported Providers: Azure and Google

AI Text Language Detection

  • The AI Text Language Detection Utility API focuses on AI-based Language Detection, identifying the language in which textual content is written.
  • This API provides language codes for a diverse array of languages, variants, dialects, and even certain regional/cultural languages. This API enhances the adaptability and accessibility of content. Whether optimizing content for a global audience, facilitating multilingual support, or streamlining language-specific workflows, this API ensures a seamless and efficient integration of language recognition capabilities.
  • Supported Providers: Azure

AI Text Entity Sentiment Analysis

  • The AI Text Entity Sentiment Analysis Utility API focuses on AI-based Entity Sentiment Analysis, and it determines the positive or negative sentiment expressed about entities within textual content.
  • Utilizing numerical scores and magnitudes, this API provides an aggregated sentiment score for each entity mentioned in the text. This API is valuable for understanding nuanced opinions and sentiments expressed toward specific entities in reviews, social media, or any textual content, providing a quick and reliable solution for nuanced sentiment analysis at the entity level.
  • Supported Providers: Google
We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our users, so stay tuned for more improvements and features in the future!
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