Change Log - 17 October 2023 (New APIs and more)

Change Log for the updates released on 17th October, 2023
Change Log - 17 October 2023 (New APIs and more)
Joshua Daniel
Last updated on October 19, 2023
We are excited to share some fixes and updates that will make your experience with ApyHub smoother and more efficient. Here's what we have tackled with this release:

Enhancing Clarity: Introducing the Readability Score API

  • The Readability Score utility API empowers content creators, educators, and researchers to gauge the ease of comprehension in their text. This API is designed to assess the readability of any content, making it a versatile asset for those working on educational materials, marketing content, or research papers. By simply making a request, you'll receive information such as the readability score, grade level, and other pertinent metrics. This can help you tailor your content to cater to diverse audiences, ensuring that your message is accessible and engaging.

Generate Archives Now Supports SaaS URLs bugfix1

Improved Text Extraction bugfix2

  • The Extract Text from Webpage utility has been upgraded to tackle even the trickiest websites running Cloudflare. Additionally, it can now extract text from URLs without the 'http' and 'https' extensions, eliminating the previous 400 error you might have encountered.

Auto Rotate Images in Thumbnail Generation and Resizing newfeature1

  • Both the Generate Image Thumbnail and Resize Images utilities now come with a new feature - auto rotation of images. No more worrying about smartphone-taken images displaying in the wrong orientation.

Improved Text Extraction - Preserve Paragraphs newfeature1

  • Our utilities, Extract Text from PDF and Extract Text from Word, now offer the option to preserve paragraphs from the source document or file. No more text jumbles, as you can now extract text with the proper paragraph formatting.

Advanced Cropping with Crop Images newfeature1

  • Our Crop Images utility API now allows to specify four additional parameters in the request body, allowing you to precisely determine how much the image should be cropped from each side. This provides you with fine-grained control over your image cropping needs.
We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our users, so stay tuned for more improvements and features in the future!
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